An international board of modern couple’s psychology recently published:

“You have poorly managed your affairs and plugged your relationships on temporary amusement, the worst of which are not only fake appearances in external circumstances and posing successful love stories but turning the lights off on your partners and your love as soon as you get to your neglected homes” … They were talking to couples who break emotionally and separate, in the race of seeking validation.

You know them, glowing couples, outgoing couples, well-dressed couples who never missed a Friday cocktails night out. They party. They party themselves to the limit. They batter themselves over seeking validation. They want to be liked. They break. Often, they crash.

 You have seen them afterwards. Empty pods. The gusto is gone; the fire is gone. Spent tanks of romance.

“They were looking like a lovely couple” They were. Their home was their undoing. Their fundamentals were disregarded, improvements were postponed.

“You reap what you sow.” You’ve heard the proverb at church. It applies to couples. For every choice of focus made to seeking external validation, an ounce of time and a bag of money are permanently gone forever. If the reserve is great, its loss may not be felt immediately. Repeated bad choices will eventually exhaust any reserve. Relationship bankruptcy. Then the crash.

The last 10 “social media years” have been hysterical. Couples have disregarded much that they know about relationships-about healthy homes. “Keeping up with the times” Implanted romances missing substance built on sand. Artificial partners. It is time to check up.

It is time to get back to normal, to close the leaks, to focus on what’s important. It is the time to remember some of the simple lessons of relationships you learned before the hypocrisy habits kicked hard into our lives.


What is good for the kid is good for the adult. The world looks good every day to the families whose inner peace does not have to be sourced outside their homes.

The pandemic proved this true

The most time spent at home for years. They were not prepared. No, not at all. Some statistics showed that Lock downs have caused more break-ups than cheating ever caused. They could not bear each other or their empty style less homes. Uncomfortable furniture, unmatching styles and decades-old magnolia walls feel incredibly heavy when you spend time around them.

Temporary fixes must be resolved!


Five hundred thousand British families protect their relationships by fixing their homes. And five hundred thousand British families are better off for it. They have deprived their lifestyles of nothing. The need they feel for recognition and their desire to guide others to what they know to be of utmost importance is well satisfied by their well-nurtured homes.

They are waking up feeling whole, full of energy – dressed in the confidence that emerges from their serene home environment instead of external validation. A home is where we grow, where we grow together, where we grow the next generation.


Home is where safety is shaped where characters are built. “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”

A Worthwhile Endeavour

You have a good many years yet to live, we hope. A good many choices to take as you please.

We are going to ask you, in the interest of your relationships, livelihood and happiness during this remaining life you have, to try transforming your home, at least one room in your house. Shape a home you both love and look forward to coming back into, after a hard day of being out in this cruel fast-paced world we live in.

To make this a sporting proposition, we will eliminate any perceived risk. We can help with your living room and specifically your sofas with a Buy now and pay later option with Klarna through a very simple checkout process that does not affect your credit score at all.

But we want you to carry on and complete the transformation of your home for thirty days. Give it the research, the attention, and the focus you have never done before and you will reap the crops at the end.

You can’t expect a complete transformation of a home, from accumulated years of clutter with the purchase of a sofa set alone or even a new bed. You need some interior design knowledge.

Interior design experts say

“Couples have always been the centre of our design direction. Anybody can create stronger relationships by focusing on creating comfort through appealing ambience at home as I can- but there are a few things to remember”

“You can find these things down into simple course-like learnings and will be glad to send some free courses to any of customers who will write a note: ‘Take me to Interior Design School’