Are you planning to revamp your living room decor?

A key element to any living room design is the sofa. It can make or break your entire look, so you must get it right. But with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to pick the right one.

Don't worry, we can help with that! Keep reading for our guide on the top sofa designs of 2022 to keep your living room on-trend.

1. Angular Sofas

These are the classic corner sofas you're used to but with a modern twist. They're shedding the sharpness and getting rid of rigidity. Instead, they're opting for softer, less imposing silhouettes.

Their obtuse angles are wider, offering a more open and welcoming seating experience. No more banishment to the corner of the room, forgotten and gathering dust.

These sofas are there to take centre stage and be the life and soul of the party. They're part of wider 2022 furniture trends based around multipurpose room functions.

Why Are Sofa Styles Going Angular?

The role of the contemporary sofa has shifted to become the living room version of the multitasking kitchen island. Living rooms have become multifunctional spaces, needing to adapt to our needs.

They're spaces we rest, sleep, play, build memories and even work in now. That's a lot of work for one room and its furniture. Angular sofas solve this by letting you create more customized, unique layouts to use your space with more efficiency.

They can become micro-environments in their own rights, separated or part of the room as a whole. This means you can take solace and rest in some alone time, or it can be a hub to spend time with friends or loved ones.

It's the perfect mix of practicality and customization. This is one of the hottest sofa trends to watch especially for contemporary houses. These modern spaces often have wide-open rooms that need sub-dividing with sofa furniture.

What Rooms Can You Use Them In?

You can use angular sofas in the living room and open-plan layouts as a divider. You can also use them in large hallways as a welcome for guests. Because of their modular design, you can choose the sofa size to fit the space.

The traditional angled sofa styles were more suited for large spaces. You'd usually use them as dividing elements in open plan living. With new angular designs, you can get that same aesthetic with as little as two modules.

Even in small spaces, you get that same feeling, performance and functionality. They're able to create micro-islands that offer relaxation, comfort and socialization.

2. Bolster Cushions

Bolster cushions are a historical way to offer lower back support. A lot of people use them while reading in bed or even to make sleeping more comfortable.

They originated in South East Asia, and there you'll find them referred to as hugging pillows. 2022 sofa trends focus on the bolster for its cylindrical, sculptural, 3D qualities.

What's the Fuss About Bolster Cushions?

Traditional craftsman furniture styles were popular last year, and this isn't changing in 2022. Bolster cushions are classic enough to fit those styles while also adding a touch of something fresh and new.

What Do They Offer Your Living Room?

They're a fun way to add a little intrigue and whimsy to your sofa while also serving a practical purpose. Their length and rounded shape are pleasing to the eye, adding interest to seated areas. It's a great contrast to pair them with the usual square or rectangular cushion shapes.

The same comfort and practicality see bolster cushions moving from the bedroom to the living room. We've spoken about the multifunctional purpose our living rooms need to provide, and this includes offering great rest. Bolsters will align your body and support your lower back for longer periods spent on the sofa.

3. Shelf-Sofas

The way we use our spaces and design furniture continue to be more thoughtful in 2022. Sofas with integrated shelving are coming into their own this year, saving time, effort and space.

They're not afterthoughts like they have been in the past. These sofas contain integrated storage and trays in materials that complement the sofa design.

Why the Rise in Popularity?

We're seeing seating configurations that include build-in coffee tables, end tables and shelving. They're coming out the back, the ends or next to the seating in innovative ways.

This practicality along with the space it saves is why they're becoming more popular. It allows people to live more comfortable lives in smaller living rooms.

To understand the trends of 2022, you need to understand how the way we view living rooms has changed. People now look for tailored seating that will offer a variety of functions.

They might need to work, socialize and rest all on one sofa. Not only do the integrated surfaces add more character, but they also add more function. That's key.

What Benefits Do the Built-In Shelves Offer?  

You can use them to replace end tables or coffee tables to save space. Shelving can also hold books and other knick-knacks, saving on the need for a bookshelf or cabinet.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to use them. They're there to make life easier and sitting on the sofa more enjoyable. You can adapt your shelving system to suit your needs and personal taste.

By doing this, you can create an area dedicated to comfort and practicality. Think about having all your work documents nearby if you're using the sofa as your office, for example.

This is something you want to consider if you're living in a smaller space. You're saving space without losing function or making life more difficult for yourself.

You still get that mix of busy and calm where you can display your books, art and lamps. There's no need to go through the stress of choosing the right side table though. It's the minimalist's dream solution to this practical problem of space.

4. Multi-Directional Sofas

If you want to face someone on a two-seater sofa, there's a lot of repositioning to do. You have to shift cushions, fold your legs or move to a different seat altogether.

With the focus on socialization, multi-directional sofas seek to fix this in 2022. Conversation is their goal, and the results are delightfully practical and sculptural.

Why Are Multi-Directional Sofas Turning Heads in 2022?

It's the freedom multi-directional sofas offer that is making them so popular. They allow people to come and sit together in whatever way they want to.

This 360-degree option breaks down that barrier of needing to choose a direction. You can live in the space how you want to without restriction. It's easier than ever to try out new configurations, uses and compositions for your furniture.

The freshness and fluidity encourage interaction that front-facing sofas can't offer. You don't lose out on comfort, and they're more accessible too. This encourages movement in the room, which encourages conversation and relaxation.

What Exactly Do They Offer That Front-Facing Sofas Don't?

Placing the sofa in the middle of the room in the island layout is the most versatile. It's creating a central hub with more flexible relaxation options.

These multi-directional sofas are sculptural pieces. They can act as a focal point in the room, drawing the eye and adding interest. Use this moment to get creative with the angles and shapes you create.

When you place them in the middle of a room, you'll see the whole space in a whole new way. You get different perspectives and angles to view your living room.

Because of this, it opens up new possibilities and ideas on how you can use that space. Sometimes all you need to make an interior masterpiece is a little flexibility and openness.

5. Color Clashing

2022 kisses goodbye to that cutesy compelling need to match your cushion sets. Maximalism is here, and it's time to embrace the chaos with mismatching patterns.

Take 2-3 patterned cushions you like, and this time you don't need to choose only one. You're going to marry them together to create a unique, one-off composition.

The more decorative the patterns, the better. You want textures, colours, fabrics, patterns -- the whole works. You can let your wild side out and take this as far as you dare to take it.

This trend is about rejecting conformity and embracing individual uniqueness. You want to pair geometrics with checks and florals, go for it. You want leaves, animal print and polka dots, what are you waiting for?

Why Are We Embracing the Colour and Fabric Explosion?

It can't get more unique than a mismatching scheme. It's common when you look to redecorate that you'll turn to Instagram or Pinterest. Or if you're more old-school, you'll look through home design magazines.

The point is though, why should your home look like other people's? Why can't it be something you create yourself to express your personality? You don't have to follow the design trends to the point where your home loses its heart and soul.

Something as simple as some mismatching sofa cushions can give an edge to your living room. It helps you put your stamp on your home and own your space.

When you do it right, you can stimulate the senses and increase the enjoyment of the room as a whole. Mixing textures, patterns and colours also add intrigue to the decor. It helps your sofa to stand out as the feature of a room, even if it's a sculptural piece itself.

As much as 2022 is about practical living, it's also about personalisation. It's time to step away from that clean-cut showroom finish and highlight the life and breath of our homes and who we are.

Those layers of individual cushions feel intimate and personal. You understand why the person chose those cushions, and each one has a purpose. It's not a case of buying some plain, matchy cushions to look like the front spread of Ideal Home Magazine.

What Kind of Mood Does This Set?

There is something homely and nostalgic about this cushion trend. Think of stepping back in time to grandma's house with the tassels and embroidery explosion of colour.

There is also something playful about them. Fun and funky, they can also add a touch of elegance and refinery when tastefully selected. It states your style as bold, confident and not afraid to enjoy yourself.

In the past, clashing was something you wanted to avoid, but it doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Those contrasting bold colours and patterns can be all you need to tie a room together. It pushes the boundaries and takes people out of their comfort zones without being classless.

It's a versatile trend, too, working with almost any decor style you choose. The end result of your living room all comes down to those sofa cushions you choose. So, plump, layer, pile and lounge in your unique sofa paradise until your heart's content.

Tips For Clashing Your Cushions

This will depend on how confident you are with mixing and matching. This is a very personal process on how much print and colour you want in the room.

There's no limit, but it's recommended you keep the sofa, walls or flooring plain. This will help add some balance and make those cushions stand out even more on their own.

For some spaces like cosy nooks or period properties, more could be a better choice. You can get a cosier, more lived-in feel by pushing the boundaries and using more patterns and colours.

Be brave in your choices and take the plunge. If you want to start slow, opt for designs that are similar in some way. Perhaps a colour ties them together, or a similar pattern.

In fact, a lot of mismatched schemes work better when they have a central colour to center around. This gives you the freedom to be wilder and bolder with your patterns and textures, while still anchoring them together.

One thing to remember is 2022 will be the year to embrace yourself and your style. Throw away the rulebook and have fun. It's time for that vibrant coloured sofa with a wild array of mismatched patterned cushions.

2022 Sofa Designs and Trends You Won't Want to Miss

There are very few limits in 2022 when it comes to sofa cushions and colours. It's an outlet for creativity in a year where function and form are at the forefront.

Our lives and how we use our homes are changing, and our furniture is developing to reflect that. The best sofa designs combine function, form and personality all rolled into one.

If you're looking for more sofa inspiration, check out our sofa range today. At Xome, we specialise in quality contemporary sofas at prices you'll love.