The 13 answers to your top questions keeping you back.

⤫ ⑬ How can I use bundles to Save More?

Bundles are part of our price promise. Our product offerings are designed to make the ordering process as simple as possible. When ordering from XOME you can be sure the price include shipping and taxes. But when you add more items to your cart we are able to pay you forward any savings accumulated. Just add the items you want in your cart and the system will calculate the discount for you.

⤫ ⑫ Can I view the item in my room?

By popular demand and the newly available technology, we are upgrading our product listings to enable you for an Augmented Reality aka AR. By using a newish smartphone you will be able to view these items in your room of choice. This collection will keep on growing as it takes time for the 3D files to be completed. Keep watching this space for more models.

⤫ ⑪ What if I don't really need a new sofa?


Doctoring your living standards up is never the answer.

Knowing when to buy a new sofa can be extremely difficult. People try everything to squeeze the last drop of comfort from an outdated sofa — with sofa covers, new cushions, more cushions, remote-control accessories, etc.
And let’s not forget how often experts recommend replacing a sofa.
We’ll save you the search time and just let you know the window is every 5 to 8 years. Begs the question: When was your sofa’s last birthday? At the end of the day, realizing that it is time to upgrade to a new sofa is the best thing, not only for your looks but also for your standards.

You deserve nothing less than complete comfort.

⤫ ⑩ What if my purchase isn't protected?


We know this is a big purchase, and that’s why we literary have your back.

We don’t just make great living products. We deliver quality experiences that give you everything you deserve. We've partnered with the best payment gateways and payment plan providers in the world to give you peace of mind.

✔ 14-Day Trial

✔ Hassle-free limited warranty

✔ Quick, simple financing - No Fees 0% (Klarna, PayPal)

✔ Free Shipping and Returns*

✔Award-winning customer service

(*Collection fees are required for change-of-mind returns)

⤫ ⑨ I'm concerned for my privacy and identity theft.


We believe privacy is paramount. Yes ease of purchase, fair prices, comfort and durability matter. But it is the sum of all parts in purchasing expensive items online that matters most. We cut no corners when it comes to your privacy. Our in-place SAAS protect you from identity theft. Your payment details are safeguarded with the strongest industry standards.

✔ Signifyd Secure Payment Processing

✔ FraudlabsPro Flag System

🔏 SSL-256 bit Encryption Security

✔ PayPal & Google Verification

✔ Google reCaptcha Anti-Spam

⤫ ⑧ What if having it delivered is a pain?


There are no scary surprises.

We don’t just market great furniture products.
We deliver quality experiences that give you everything you deserve.
Most of our deliveries are heavy & bulky items but we've worked hard to simplify the process to a straightforward A-B-C. Choose your sofa and we will come to you. So you can use your invaluable time to do better things like: calling a friend, organising a family gathering, or adding to favourites the shows you will binge-watch on your new sofa. We'll handle the delivery, you just soak up the great relaxation. Getting your sofa is easy.

🅐 Place your order.

🅑 Receive it in your room-of-choice.

🅒 Unpack it and inspect it.

⤫ ⑦ What if my sofa doesn't last?


Actually, it's proven to last 7plus years.

Our sofas structure is made of hardwood & high endurance plyboards. The structural part can last for many decades. Although the structure is really durable a quality upholstered sofa includes webbing or springs, a couple of different kinds of foam layers and finally its fabric or leather finishing materials. These are the parts that wear out when a sofa is well-lived!
''Those who are about to die, Salute you.'' said a Well-lived Sofa to XOME.UKWe stand behind our sofas so much that we've included a hassle-free 7-year limited warranty in every sale. But even if your sofa has got any issues, it's easy

🅐 You call us.

🅑 We confirm if your sofa is still under warranty, and we
fix it (at no charge)

⤫ ⑥ What If I don't like this sofa and I'm stuck with it?


We don't want you to ease up on something you hate.

In 2015, one of our founders felt stuck with a sofa that he hated, which is why we set out to take care of every customer—whether they love our sofas or not. So we made returns as easy as possible. That said, 32 out of 33 people keep their sofas.

🅐 You tell us you've changed your mind.

🅑 We arrange to collect it packaged.

🅑 We refund you the sofa. Just cover it's shipping

32 out of 33 people keep their sofas

⤫ ⑤ What if I want to feel it before I buy it?


You'll never know, no matter how much you read.
Deep indecision is a real thing and, the phrase analysis paralysis is often used to explain just that. The more you read the more confused you are likely to feel.

Driving to a retail store to get a quick feel is fine, but it's not going to uncover if a product delivers for how you wanted it in the first place.

We do our best to outline the features and the benefits of each of our sofas and you're always welcome to ask us for more information before you decide. But, when it comes down to it, you'll never know if you are going to enjoy it to the desired degree until you're relaxing on something that's truly better.

Your purchase is backed by the 14-day trial. If it's not an amazing value or fit, we'll refund every penny of the sofa and we'll only ask you to cover shipping.

⤫ ④ I fear the delivery will take longer than promised if not months waiting.


Speed of dispatch is our promise and strength.
We are very serious about it.

We stock 95% of the offered sofas, and we can deliver them fast and safe. On each product page, you will find the delivery lead time.

If by any chance we run out of stock and our inventory system did not pick this up, we will inform you within 48 hours with the ETA. We will give you an immediate full refund unless you are happy with the updated time of arrival.

We hate being dragged in the dark, so we work hard to keep our customers from feeling cheated. You'll receive a dispatch email with tracking and carrier information to help you book your delivery slot.

We keep it stupid simple... Quick Delivery = Happy Customer ✖️⭕

⤫ ③ What if the colour is not the same as the image?


Do you ever find yourself using the mirror in the bathroom where there is more bright lighting? All your clothes look better in this mirror? True?

Sofa images are shoot with the help of lighting specialists. Lighting in photoshoots and in living rooms is a sweet science that reveals the real colours or helps to set the mood of a specific area in your home. A simplified approach is that studio lights are white and bright and can help to reveal the real colours of any piece of furniture

Sunlight is very close to white lights but Yellow 'warmer' Livingroom lights will always alter the true colour of any fabric or surface, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Lighting can be the hero but also the villain when it comes to colour differences. Have this knowledge in mind, and you will notice it in your everyday design choices. Having said that, we always use images that show the actual colours of our sofas. These colours can be perceived slightly different on one screen from another screen.

⤫ ② What if my sofa does not fit in?


Measure twice cut once, curse, repeat :)

Do you fall into the artistic or creative category of people that are not programmed to think of obstacles but are just positive thinkers? Well, we love you, many of us here are the same as you. When it comes to large pieces of furniture like sofas, measuring the space where you intend to have it placed is not enough. You'll have to think a bit like a project manager and reverse engineer how that sofa will travel from the delivery van to the curbside, in through the entrance and perhaps some corridors, then turn through the doors.

The great advantage with a 2-man delivery service is that these men are trained well to use the diagonal dimensions of a piece of furniture and will pass a sofa through tight spaces.

Use this Free DELIVERY FIT GUIDE | 📐 designed to Save you time and trouble.

❶ Measure the placement area (account for 'breathing space')

❷ Measure your entrance, doorways and corridors

❸ Measure the lift (if living in a flat)

❹ Measure the staircase if the room of choice in on the second floor.

⤫ ① What will i do with my old sofas? Getting rid of them is hard 🤦‍♀️


Trying to get rid of your old sofas can be very hard nowadays.

Long past is the days you could easily dispose of your used unwanted furniture.

It is becoming increasingly challenging to move them away and we know that. We can help you decide! There are still many options but we present to you the best we have.

✔ Use to list your job and get quotes from removal experts

✔ Hire a van and take them yourself to a Reuse & Recycling Centre near you.

✔ Hire a Skip and make the most of it. Dispose of many more unwanted items.

✔ Ask to assign a collection during your delivery *(Ask for a quote - paid service).
✔ Donate your furniture and make a difference - (*must be in good condition and have their fire labels on)BHF, or Debra, or Cancer Research, or Salvation Army etc.